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About Us


SignID is a business of lettrs, Inc., a mobile communications and media company based in New York City with staff in California, India, the Netherlands, Philippines, and Spain.

SignID distributes the principles of Blockchain to human beings, enabling a unique method of personal authentication for all forms of communications, media, and mobile transactions.  

SignID has patented the use of biometrics and signatures with applications for social, personal and professional use.


The SignID authenticated signature method was patented by Cyber and Media expert, Drew Bartkiewicz, named a Goldman Sachs 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2016 and featured as a Forbes Top 25 Veteran Business leader.  Since 1999, he has been a software pioneer at early stage companies like, BroadVision, and Mashery.  

He has also authored two books, participated at the World Economic Forum, and possesses a BS in Aerospace Engineering from West Point and a MBA from Yale University.


The lettrs company benefits from the leadership of Chairman Harvey Schiller, who after retiring as a BG in the Air Force, became President at Turner Sports, YankeeNet, and the IOC. 

"We have yet to comprehend the enormous value SignID will bring to the world as a platform-agnostic and universally available method to time stamp digital ownership, identity, reality and personality."

  - Harvey Schiller, Chairman of lettrs, Inc.


Dr Harvey Schiller

Former President of Turner Sports, USOC, and YankeeNets.  Brigadier General Retired.

Drew Bartkiewicz

CEO of lettrs Inc, Painly, SignID.  Author and entrepreneur.  USMA and Yale graduate. 

David McCormick

CEO of Bridgewater Associates and former CEO of Ariba.  Author, USMA and Princeton graduate. 


Sign any email or social post to not only authenticate your identify but extend your originality.

Authenticity as a Service

The benefits of SignID - of real time signatures on all communications - will impact the consumer and business segments in material ways in the future, as the intelligence of smart signatures across all digital mediums.

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